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Core Drilling & Diamond Cutting Specialists

Inverness core drilling Ltd specialises in core drilling and diamond cutting. With over 8 years’ experience we have knowledge in floor sawing, track sawing, wire sawing, concrete burster, wet & dry core drilling, chainsaw, ring saw, stihl saw & wall/floor chasing. 

Coring & Cutting

We are able to core and cut through reinforced concrete and other stone to the clients specifications. have various sizes of cores; up too 500mm but could possibly go bigger depending on the job. Plus, with the use of extension bars, can achieve different depths. We can also provide concrete cutting at different depths and sizes. The majority of the coring and cutting is done with water but we can do dry cutting as well. We have hoover attachments to keep water and dust at its minimum. 


Travelling is not a problem and overnight stay is also considered. We can provide a free no obligation quote. All work carried out will be to clients specification, we are fully insured and can supply risk and method statements when required.